Your 100%
health agency,
100% multimedia !

3' provides you with support for your digital communications whether these are specifically intended for doctors, the mass public or your colleagues.

For more than 7 years, 3' has been developing efficient, technological state-of-the-art tools. Our specialism in health with our teams of doctors and pharmacists guarantee that you will be provided with rich editorial content that complies with regulations.

Our purpose: offering you impactful innovative solutions.
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Because your messages
deserve their images !

We create all your medical worlds in 3D. We are there at every stage of the production: drafting the medical story-board, referencing and validation, producing and completing the 3D film.  Our computer generation teams model, add texture, animate and composite all your creative ideas! 
To date, we have produced over thirty 3D medical films: we place our expertise and our wealth of know-how at your service.

Because a media mix
is now unthinkable without
a mobile media component !

Building a health mobile application is a matter for specialists. Whether the end user is a doctor or a patient, we have to be able to identify his specific requirements and provide the right solutions.

We develop health mobile applications intended for the medical profession or for the mass public and we incorporate them into your overall digital communication strategy.

Because your Visual Aids
have to be Digital ...
and Interactive !

Replacing print Visual Aids by a basic PDF loaded onto a tablet PC is not helping.

Our Weeteam® solution allows you to resolve your communication and follow-up problems by integrating unrivalled graphic functionalities.
Thanks to Weeteam® you can bring interactivity into your Digital Visual Aids: 3D / real time / quiz / case histories / interactive videos / tracking use in real time / etc.

So what about a a highly interactive and responsive tablet application linked to the back-end CRM system for instance?

Because the WEB is now
well and truly part
of our daily lives!

Our teams of developers and web designers will help you to create your internet sites whether these are targeting your in-house teams, doctors or the mass public.

As far as we are concerned, visiting a web site should be an enriching experience above all. High quality editorial content and the use of all web media: (video, 3D animations, sound, 3D, etc…) are our trademarks!

Because we view
the audiovisual field
under a different light !

Our productions – more than 50 films produced to date – have taken us into almost all the French hospital establishments. Our films are placed in settings that take the specific nature of each audience into account: patients / doctors / accompanying relatives.

For greater reactivity, we have a fully equipped filming studio in our own premises. Filming against a green background, a blue background, embedded videos, live transmissions – none of these hold any secrets for us!

Because immersion
is an excellent memory
enhancing engine !

A proactive audience is far more sensitive to the messages it receives. In order to enable you to ensure that as much as possible is remembered, we have developed an Augmented Reality engine that is specifically dedicated to the medical world: Ultimed®. 

This engine is also accessible on touch pads and Smart Phones and makes all types of interactivity possible.
Use Ultimed® to inject some «pep» into your messages during your conferences and in-house seminars!

Because playing
is a fundamental
part of learning !

Our health copywriting teams and our developers who specialize in mobile communications and online gaming offer you true learn-as-you-play training schemes.

An excellent quality game-play, without any concessions in terms of the editorial content, will ensure optimum broadcasting of your training messages. Participants are immersed in a universe that encourages learning while experiencing customized training. 

Because using media
that goes outside the box
will always produce results!

We provide you with a proprietary network comprising 2,500 doctors who have our dynamic display solutions in their waiting rooms. 

Completely automated LCD screens display public information messages to patients before they are called into the consulting room. Your network of medical visitors is very positively involved by helping to keep the content updated.

Because you want
to exchange with your
doctors regularly !

Our Weelink® media ensures that you can repeatedly make productive contact with your doctors and enables you to efficiently complete your usual visits. Transmit information messages about your products, their medical environment and the latest news on your field of treatment. 

Unlimited content updates, absolute reactivity, weekly feedback from your audiences. Weelink is the new media that supplements your regular visits!

Because your events
are worth attention !

We develop and integrate animations onto your stands together with interactive tools that optimise footfall and the way in which your brand and your products are perceived.

Each project we develop is unique and meets your specific communication demands. Interactive terminals, tactile counters, virtual intercorporeal journeys, magic'Merlin, holographic terminals, augmented reality courses, 3D stereoscopic broadcasting, all are solutions that we can offer you for your events.

Your 100% health agency, 100% multimedia!

Your 100% health agency,
100% multimedia !

If you are after a meaningful and enduring interactive health digital solution, get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you !

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