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Our expertise

Digital strategy consultation

We understand that the abundance of digital tools can not only open the field of possibilities but can also bring new challenges. Therefore, our global and local teams will ensure you a customized solution to maximize your ROI.

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Mobile health applications

Trois Prime specializes in the design and creation of mobile health applications, interoperable tablets and smartphone applications exclusively for the healthcare industry.

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Medical training events

Trois Prime is dedicated to identifying the educational needs of physicians and other HCPs in order to give them the necessary tools to provide superior medical care to their patients.

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Audiovisual production

Trois Prime internalizes its own film studio and production crews. Our experienced audiovisual team have in depth expertise in the complete production process from conceptualisation, soryboarding, video recording, editing, to post-production.

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Healthcare Website

Trois Prime created websites specifically adapted to your patients, healthcare professionals or collaborators.

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Whether you are interested in trade shows, symposiums, conferences or seminars, Trois Prime develops a wide range of solutions for all your events.

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