Because cutting edge technology should be at the service of individuals

Project managers with medical and digital expertise

Because our digital expertise strengthens the relevance of your communication strategy.

A team that understands your problematics and expectations

Because e-health can't be contrived

A professional team at your service

Because a global vision is essential

Reinvent your health digital strategy

Our expertise

Digital strategy consultation

We understand that the abundance of digital tools can not only open the field of possibilities for you, but can also bring new challenges. Therefore, our global presence with local teams will ensure you a customized strategic solution.

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Mobile health applications

Trois Prime has specialized in the creation of mobile applications, interoperable tablets and smartphone applications, exclusively dedicated to the world of health.

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Medical training events

At Trois Prime, we understand that as partners of the HCP* community, you deem Medical Education a crucial activity in your cross media. As your partners, we are here to support you in your CME endeavors.

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Audiovisual production

Trois Prime internalizes its own film studio and production crews.
We master the entire production process: conceptualisation, storyboarding, script, video recording, editing, and post-production. 

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Healthcare Website

In a world that is increasingly web-dependent, it is only natural that our health management has also found an ideal platform online.

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Trois Prime strategies will ensure an undeniable image of innovation associated with your laboratory and / or product.

Trois Prime’s digital expertise is the answer to all your medical events.

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